Get your beautiful life back on track

  • Start prioritising your needs as much as you prioritise everybody else's needs

  • Feel more empowered and happier in yourself

  • Find your motivation for enjoying your life again

  • Rediscover yourself after facilitating everybody else's beautiful lives

  • Experience breakthrough in areas of your life that you think might be unrelated, like making exercise a regular thing, choosing healthy food, engaging in healthy relationships

  • Break the self-sabotage cycle


An inspirational series of 30 daily guides for women who deserve a small sacred space in their day, to help break through any self-care blocks, and to use meaningful and intentional activities to prioritise their own beautiful lives.

Kimmi & Katrina

Creators of ProjectYOU

Kimmi Katte and Katrina Harris have worked together for more than 3 years helping people make healthy food and lifestyle choices. They live in different hemispheres and have different careers – Kimmi lives in Australia and works as a Clinical Nutritionist, Katrina lives in the US and works as a Travel Agent. But it’s their work together as Lifestyle Coaches that has given them the opportunity to help thousands of women get their shizzle together! They noticed that helping women prioritise their self-care was the glue in the whole empowerment puzzle – healthy food choices and exercise just don’t stick if you don’t have your self-care game on. Katrina is a self-care guru, while Kimmi has had to work hard to break through her self-care blocks. They don’t pretend to be perfect but together they have a truckload of experience and practical strategies that really work to make your health decisions stick. Kimmi and Katrina know that women are typically much better carers of others than they are carers of themselves, and if this resonates with you or reminds you of a woman you care about, Projectyou might be the perfect tool for a rebalance!